About James Lawn Care

James Lawn Care LLC has countless years of experience that has allowed us to perfect our lawn care and landscaping techniques and produce flawless, properly trimmed and cared for services for our customers. We are the leading lawn care and landscaping company in Maryland, with a trusted team of experts that are compassionate about providing our customers with unsurpassable services as well as immeasurable customer service.

At James Lawn Care LLC, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality services at affordable rates that your wallet will love! We believe a good yard and a good landscape shouldn’t cost you a fortune. We proudly offer countless landscaping and lawn care services that include planting, grass cutting, bush trimming, fertilization, maintenance, installation, top soil, flower planting, shrubs, upkeep, nutrition, plant trimming, leaf removal, disposal, pruning, mowing, weed removal, weed prevention, watering, adequate nutrition, mulching, planting, and irrigating are also worth noting.